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Fire and Allied Perils

This type of policy covers material damage to your property (Private or Business) resulting from a fire or any other type of natural hazards.

The Fire Insurance Policy may include the following:

  • Allied Perils: Lightning, Domestic Explosion, Impact of Vehicles and Aircrafts.
  • Natural Catastrophes: Earthquakes, Storms, Tempest, Flood and similar.
  • Additional Coverage: Business Interruption, Water Damage, Plate Glass, Removal of Debris, and  Surveyor’s fees
  • Political Risk: Malicious Damage, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion, and war.
    • Burglary as an extension to the fire policy it covers the loss or damage of the insured property following Theft using forcible entry.
  • shops-retails

  • Restaurant
  • offices

  • residential

    Residential Unit